The Enneagram Amplified

Learn all about how personality can make life more fun and easy!

This self-guided course covers all aspects of the Enneagram and provides a downloadable workshop for you to conduct with your team! At the end of the course you'll understand the Enneagram, all 9 personalities, and apply the perspective you've gained to your relationships.

Lesson 1: Enneagram introduction

In this lesson you'll be introduced to the 9 Enneagram numbers and meet representatives of each number.

Lesson 2: The complexity of the Enneagram

Discover how "wings", health, and other factors can affect the "shade" of your number and others. This lesson will reveal all the subtle differences between numbers.

Lesson 3: Using the Enneagram to improve relationships

Understand how the Enneagram can enhance your perspective and help you master relationships. Apply perspective to improve your relationships.

Lesson 4: An Enneagram workshop

Download our workshop template and materials and conduct an Enneagram workshop at your facility!

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